Demo the most innovative refuse truck on the planet today!

Municipal Equipment is excited to share the New Way Roto Pac, the world’s first auger-driven, automated side-loader!

The fully automated Roto Pac, which was designed for organics collection, is the first mobile compactor with a leak-proof body up to 40 inches high that packs with an auger, as opposed to the traditional packing panel. Tested by operators all over the United States, it didn’t take long to discover that Roto Pac works extremely well with municipal solid waste also. The truck’s 27-cubic-yard body design boasts the best legal payload in the industry: 25,000 pounds. Coupled with the fact that Roto Pac’s auger is self-cleaning and eliminates the down time needed to clean out behind the packer ram at the end of each day, the auger can produce up to 23,000 pounds of torque at idle speed and is equipped with an automatic reverse cycle in the event of a jam.

“This machine really is purpose perfected,” said New Way Regional Sales Manager Scott Rupiper. “From compaction rates and hopper to body displacement to the ease of maneuverability in tight spaces, Roto Pac streamlines operation and labor costs. All of this adds up to the most innovative collection vehicle on the market today.”

Municipal Equipment’s demonstrator model just arrived, call today to try it out on your route! 800-248-7590



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